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WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network) / WI-FI (Wireless Fidelity)

WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network) / WI-FI (Wireless Fidelity)



Wireless LANs (Wireless local area networks) refers to a type of wireless local area networks. Radio waves are used to connect all participants in a wireless network. Since many devices from different manufacturers should be able to communicate with each other in the same wireless networks, the American institute IEEE has done research and developed many standards for this. One of these standards is called IEEE 802.11 and refers to wireless radio communication and how it works. 


These standards are recommendations and manufacturers of wireless devices do not have to be fully compliant with them. For a simple, uncomplex connection, it is sufficient if only some of the IEEE 802 standards are complied with. That is why the Wi-Fi Alliance invented a Wi-Fi certificate.


  • Wi-Fi (Wireless Fidelity)

  • Wi-Fi (alternative spelling: WIFI) is a term of art formed by analogy with Hi-Fi and stands for Wireless Fidelity. Wi-Fi is often used as a synonym for wireless LAN. Strictly speaking, WLAN and Wi-Fi are not similar: Wireless LAN refers to the wireless network (see above), while Wi-Fi refers to the certification by Wi-Fi Alliance:

    Wi-Fi certified products are tested for compliance with IEEE standards for local (wireless) networks. If a product complies with these standards, it is tested with many different devices. If tests are successful, a product becomes Wi-Fi certified and receives a Wi-Fi logo.
    Wi-Fi TrademarkWi-Fi Trademark



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