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Why is there a cover on the inside of the microwave?


Why is there a cover on the inside of the microwave?



This cardboard cover is not a transport lock, but is intended as a splash guard to protect the vacuum runtime tube for generating electromagnetic waves (magnetron) inside the appliance. If this is removed or damaged, there is a risk of dirt or grease getting onto the electronics, increasing the risk of a short circuit and the risk of fire. To prevent this, you can purchase magnetron covers from independent dealers and insert them yourself.
The magnetron cover consists of a mica plate. Mica (in the form of artificial mica) is used as a cover in microwave ovens, you can find out more about mica plates here.
Damage caused by a missing cover is not covered by the warranty. If this is discovered after sending the unit to our workshop, you will receive a repair quotation (cost estimate) for which a charge will be made.


Examples of Mica platesExamples of Mica plates Example: Position Mica plateExample: Position Mica plate


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