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Why is the device not connected via USB?


Why is the device not connected via USB?



  • Check whether the connection on another device works properly and does not break off. If this is the case, it could be the device (PC / smartphone). The MEDION Service App tests your Windows and Android systems for all possible sources of error and provides a result immediately.
  • Although there is no defect on the USB stick, it is still not recognised by the device because there may be a general incompatibility between devices and the USB stick. Therefore, try different USB sticks in connection with the unit.
  • Some USB ports, for example on a TV, do not generate enough electric current to supply external hard disks with sufficient power. It is therefore advisable to use larger hard disks (HDD) with their own power supply.
  • Depending on the formatting of a hard disk (USB stick / HDD), the external storage medium is not recognised. Re-formatting may provide a remedy, but will result in the deletion of all data on the data medium.


⚠️Note⚠️ In this FAQ you will find information on how to correctly remove the USB stick from your device.

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