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Why are there flashes and / or sparks inside the microwave?


Why are there flashes and / or sparks inside the microwave?



Check the following points:

  1. Dirt in the interior:
    Any kind of dirt inside the cooking chamber, especially greasy dirt particles and deposits, can cause sparking and lightning. They carbonise over time due to the microwaves in the cooking chamber and can then flash.
  2. Metal parts or dishes containing metal in the microwave:
    Metal objects in the cooking chamber are the main cause of flashing. Examples include aluminium foil or plates with gold rims. If lightning occurs, switch off your microwave immediately and remove the food and dishes from the oven.
  3. A scratched coating:
    A scratched coating inside the appliance can cause lightning or sparks. If this is the case, the microwave must no longer be operated. Damage caused by scratches in the interior is not covered by the warranty. If this is discovered after sending the unit to our workshop, you will receive a repair quotation (cost estimate) for which a charge will be made.


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