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How can I improve the sound quality on TV MD 21733?


The sound is distorted on my MEDION LIFE E12423 (MD 21733) TV, how can I improve the sound quality?



To improve the sound quality, it is necessary to update the firmware of the device.
You can carry out this necessary firmware update yourself.


The update takes place in three steps:

A) Download the firmware
B) Prepare the USB stick
C) Carry out the update on the TV


Please make sure that every single step of the update process is performed exactly!
With the update all current settings will be deleted.


Proceed as follows:

A) Download the firmware

  1. Download the file and unzip it to any location on your hard disk.

B) Prepare the USB stick

  1. Back up your data from the USB stick, if necessary, i.e. copy your files from the USB stick to a new directory on the desktop.
  2. In the file explorer (in the left directory column), right-click on the USB stick and select Format.
  3. Format the stick with FAT32.
  4. Open the zip folder with a double click.
  5. ⚠️ Make sure you have the model number of your MEDION TV and change to the file folder belonging to your model number (MD 21733) using a File Explorer..
  6. Copy all files contained in this folder directly (without subfolders) to the USB stick.

The USB stick is now prepared.

C) Carry out the update on the TV

  1. Disconnect your MEDION television from the mains.
  2. Connect the USB stick prepared under point B to a free USB port on the TV.
  3. Reconnect your MEDION television to the mains. If an update message appears, confirm it.
  4. Please wait until the update is complete and then remove the USB stick from the device.

The update process is now complete.


Do not interrupt the power supply during the update and do not remove the USB stick.


An update of the firmware should only be carried out on the recommendation of MEDION AG.
If you carry out the update without a corresponding recommendation or outside the warranty/guarantee, the following applies:
MEDION AG accepts no liability whatsoever for any loss of data or errors in hardware or software that occur as a result of carrying out the update. The customer acknowledges this when performing the update.


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