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Black screen under Windows 10


The mouse pointer is visible, but otherwise the screen is black.



This can occur if you have connected one or more new monitors, for example, but also after updating the graphics driver or a Windows update.



As soon as the black screen including the mouse cursor appears, press the Space or CTRL key.
This ensures that the start screen with the time and date disappears first, even if you cannot see it.
Then simply type in the Windows password and confirm with the Enter key.
The desktop should then be visible again.


Solution 2

As soon as the black screen appears, you must first press the press the Space or the STRG key again and then press the key combination Windows key + P and confirm with the Return key. You must repeat this process several times (if necessary).

Use this key combination to switch back and forth between different monitors. As soon as the operating system has recognised the stored screen, the login window is visible again.


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