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My laptop refuses to recognize a bootable USB

Hello, everyone.

I'm dealing with a seemingly simple and straightforward problem that's driving me mad.
I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction.

My laptop is Medion Akoya E2216T MD 99940. (here is the link of it: )

I'm trying to install Lubuntu/Ubuntu 18.04 on this laptop using a bootable USB. It works PERFECTLY with other laptops. But with this one, it refuses to boot from USB for some reason. I have disabled "Fast Boot", "Quite Boot", "Secure Boot" on the BIOS. , I do see the USB on the connected devices and also the BIOS itself. This exact same thing happens with an external hard drive as well.

"My BIOS version: American Megatrends, Core version 5.011 . Compliancy UEFI 2.4 PI 1.3"

Does anyone know what I should do in this situation?
I just need to get the laptop to recognize my USB/external hard drive.


Thanks to all of you in advance Smiley Happy

Who Me Too'd this topic