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FAQs about the MEDION Life Remote App

FAQs about the MEDION Life Remote App

MEDION_Life_Remote_App_(Screenshot-1).pngMEDION Life Remote App

  • What is the purpose of the app?

  • The MEDION Smart Remote app is the innovative way to operate your MEDION television from your smartphone via your home network.
    The MEDION Smart Remote application makes use of the properties of your mobile phone – such as touch screen capability and G sensor – to provide easy-to-use, convenient and improved options for operating your MEDION Smart TV set.
    Not only that: you also have the option of operating your television via touch pad and directly entering text when calling up Internet pages.
  • Which TV is the app suitable for?

  • Suitable for MEDION Smart TVs from the 2013 models onwards that have the option “Virtual Remote” available in the menu “Other settings”.
  • The TV is not found. What can this be?

  • Please note that the television to be controlled must be in the same network as the smartphone.
  • Where can I download the app?

  • MEDION_Life_Remote_App_(Apple)s.pngMEDION Life Remote App App Store:
    MEDION_Life_Remote_App_(GooglePlay)s.pngMEDION Life Remote App Google Play:

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