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Medion Erazer x7843 (999945) Blue Screens

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Medion Erazer x7843 (999945) Blue Screens

I apologise in advanced because I am going to be posting this in English.
I know this is the German section, however, there isn't much support in the English sub forum.

I bought this laptop and as soon as I started it up, I was getting blue screens, I couldn't get through the windows setup guide, that's how bad it was.
I presumed I had recieved a DOA (dead on arrival) unit and I spoke to the retailers about a fix for this issue.
They arranged a return and told me they would test it and make sure it has no problems before deciding whether to ship me a new one or not.
After about 7 days, they finally emailed me telling me that they couldn't find any issues and that the laptop hadn't had a single blue screen in their presence.
I was confused but I accepted, as soon as I got the laptop back, everything worked like a charm.
No blue screens or anything whatsoever, I was suprised, I wonder if they changed something inside and sent it back and claimed it as "no issue"

Anyway, about 5/6 months now since I've had this laptop and my Windows 10 operating system had corrupted.
I could get into the OS but I couldn't do anything like shut down from start menu or open explorer, etc.
So I decided to clean install windows 10 again.

All installed and ready, I load up into the operating system and as soon as I get to the desktop screen, I get a blue screen.
Exactly the same kind that I was getting 5/6 months earlier when I first got this laptop.

Some of the few errors are.

"Kernel security check failure"
"IRQL not_less_or_equal"


and a few others that I cannot remember.


Now with a quick google search, I can find that the BSOD's have to do with Memory.
The ram, for instance.

So I ran the tests accordingly. Using MemTest, Windows inbuilt memory dianostics and all that but everything came back fine.
No errors throughout.
Funny thing is, I had initially sent back the laptop due to the same BSOD's and they also said there were no faults with the parts or errors.

SO I came to the conclusion after reading multiple articles that I had a driver problem.
Incompatibility of some drivers or something?
I did some research and found that I needed specific drivers, sure.
But I downloaded all my drivers from Medion's UK website
The model number is stated above, and the drivers I have are from the official UK site.

But even still, I still get the BSOD.
At the moment, I've tried swapping my GPU settings from MSHYBRID to DISCRETE.
And I've not faced a BSOD as of yet.
I feel like the BSOD is coming from the Intel Drivers but if I swap back to MSHYBRID, I think I'll get a BSOD again.

Can anyone support me on this? Perhaps someone else is facing the same issue?
I am really stuck.

I apologise again for making an English thread in the German sub forum.
But there is definitely more support on here than anywhere else.

Thank you ❤️

PS : I love this laptop. But the issues are demoralizing me.


Community Manager
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Hello @MonocleNinja,


Thanks for your very detailed description, and no... it`s not a problem

having posting it in our German section.


However, fixing this kinda probs online is virtually impossible due to the

sheer amount of possible reasons. It could be a hardware problem, but

in your case I tend to assume it`s most probably OS related. I recently had a

similiar problem which turned out to be caused by malware. I would therefore

suggest to wipe your harddisk & make a clean W10 installation.


In case this won`t help, please contact our UK helpdesk in order to find a

final solution for this problem.







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