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Erazer X7849 Thermal Throttling Problems

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Erazer X7849 Thermal Throttling Problems


I experience high temperature with my Erazer gaming laptop.

CPU is throttling when on 95°C and GPU on 90°C.

This happens about ~5 min after starting Playerunknown's Battlegrounds, i.e. the latest not completely optimized game available.

It basically gets unplayable.

I have the laptop since about 10 months.

Are there design flaws within the laptop? Or is this just bound to happen if cooling pastes are not renewed?

I am already using a cooling system, however basically my Laptop is in the air at normal room temperature of about 21 °C.

I am not interested in settings for PUBG, I already found settings that I can play with and somewhat lessens the Thermal Throttling problems.

However I am still not happy with it. And would like to try out other solutions or possibilities directed towards the laptop itself.

I hope to get better results with the laptop, as after optimizing my own system I try to give advice to others through a youtube channel.

Cheers c4tTi

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Re: Erazer X7849 Thermal Throttling Problems

Hello @c4tTi and welcome to the community.


In this case, the cooling system will probably not work properly. Please return the notebook to the factory settings and make sure that all ventilation slots are free. If the temperature does not decrease, please contact our support.

Greeting - Andi

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